Monday, June 1, 2009

Monsters of the Midway Dishcloth

Monsters of the Midway Dishcloth

This is the first dishcloth pattern I've created! I used Sugar-n-Cream yarn in orange and size 6 needles.

CO 38 stitches
1-4: Knit
5: K3 P32 K3
6 and all even rows: Knit
7: K3 P32 K3
9: K3 P32 K3
11: K3 P32 K3
13: K3 P32 K3
15: K3 P32 K3
17: K3 P9 K11 P12 K3
19: K3 P7 K16 P9 K3
21: K3 P5 K20 P7 K3
23: K3 P4 K7 P8 K7 P6 K3
25: K3 P3 K6 P12 K6 P5 K3
27: K3 P3 K5 P14 K7 P3 K3
29: K3 P22 K7 P3 K3
31: K3 P21 K6 P5 K3
33: K3 P20 K6 P6 K3
35: K3 P4 K7 P7 K7 P7 K3
37: K3 P5 K19 P8 K3
39: K3 P7 K15 P10 K3
41: K3 P11 K8 P13 K3
43-51: K3 P32 K3
52-55: Knit
Bind Off

I hope you enjoy this pattern! Feel free to use it however you want!