Monday, June 1, 2009

Monsters of the Midway Dishcloth

Monsters of the Midway Dishcloth

This is the first dishcloth pattern I've created! I used Sugar-n-Cream yarn in orange and size 6 needles.

CO 38 stitches
1-4: Knit
5: K3 P32 K3
6 and all even rows: Knit
7: K3 P32 K3
9: K3 P32 K3
11: K3 P32 K3
13: K3 P32 K3
15: K3 P32 K3
17: K3 P9 K11 P12 K3
19: K3 P7 K16 P9 K3
21: K3 P5 K20 P7 K3
23: K3 P4 K7 P8 K7 P6 K3
25: K3 P3 K6 P12 K6 P5 K3
27: K3 P3 K5 P14 K7 P3 K3
29: K3 P22 K7 P3 K3
31: K3 P21 K6 P5 K3
33: K3 P20 K6 P6 K3
35: K3 P4 K7 P7 K7 P7 K3
37: K3 P5 K19 P8 K3
39: K3 P7 K15 P10 K3
41: K3 P11 K8 P13 K3
43-51: K3 P32 K3
52-55: Knit
Bind Off

I hope you enjoy this pattern! Feel free to use it however you want!



oumom said...

Love this pattern, going to make in orange and navy blue for father's day. Thanks for the great pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i have NO idea what the ppl above have said! Anyway, i wanted to let you know that i have searched and searched for a pattern for making my hubby a Chicago Bears blanket for x-mas ( he's asked me for 5 yrs now! ) thanks to you, i Finally have a pattern!! Thanks so much! I will be doing orange squares and blue squares and making enough for a blanket. Im not too creative with knitting on my thank you for this pattern!!
Amanda <3